Digital Drawing For Beginners With Easy Drawing Tutorials Step By Step

Digital Drawing For Beginners With Easy Drawing Tutorials Step By Step

When you are new to digital drawing, it is quite normal not to know where to start and to ask yourself many questions. So don't hesitate to read this lesson if you are a little lost!

What is the best option for improvement, digital or traditional drawing?

It all depends on the type of art you want to practice.

If you are determined to get better at digital art, you need to spend some time getting used to one line drawing with a tablet and learning what the various effects and functions are available to you.

However, if you are looking to improve your anatomy, drawing sketches on the paper regularly will help you develop your drawing skills. The advantage of traditional drawing is that you can focus on your art without having to worry about the many operations to be performed, unlike digital drawing. In addition, you do not risk damaging your eyes in front of a screen.

If you are completely new to drawing, before using any specialized software directly, it is good to practice drawing shapes and learning the basics of drawing using photos or your favorite manga as a reference.

What type of training can help improve digital drawing?

If this is your first time drawing an illustration, you should draw something that you are passionate about.

Try to copy the drawings from your favorite comics. (Be careful, these “copies” are for practice. Be careful not to fall for plagiarism when posting them on social media.) Or, if you like soccer, draw a character kicking a ball, if you like sweets, draw someone eating a cake, etc.

Since you're used to seeing what you like, it's easier to spot something wrong with the rest of the design.

After drawing for a while, take a break, then:

  • Take a step back and observe your drawing.
  • Correct the parts that seem strange.

Repeat these steps to improve your drawing skills.

You improve faster if you carefully draw an entire room instead of focusing on a particular part such as eyes, hands, sketching, etc.

What are the characteristics of a person who improves in digital art?

The answer to this question would be a "person who draws with pleasure". Even if you are bad at first, the determination to become better only comes when you are having fun!

Nobody knows how to draw perfectly at first. To begin with, try to keep drawing practice for three months.

When a few months have passed, try redrawing one of your cool drawings to see how much you've improved!

Are people who only practice digital art bad at drawing?

Digital drawing is a tool just like traditional drawing. So, those who can only draw digitally are not necessarily bad at drawing.

However, withdrawing software you can: undo your actions, improve body proportions or modify the eyes even after the drawing is finished, use tools to draw straight lines and perfect circles, copy the parts you want, experiment with different colors, instantly add effects, and gradients, use free materials to build your background, etc.

These functions are very convenient and allow beginners to make pretty illustrations. So many people use these functions without necessarily mastering the basics of cool drawing, leading others to criticize by saying that artists who use digital are bad at cool drawing.

But it is important for beginners to feel able to easily draw something beautiful. There is no problem if you can learn and have fun using these functions and practicing the basics using sketches or your tablet!

Which tablet to choose from?

The tablet is the treasure of every artist who practices digital drawing. The choice is limited; Wacom pen tablets represent 70-80% of the market share and the competition is slim.

However, you can also get a tablet from one of these other companies. The needs of an artist vary from person to person, but it is recommended that you look at Wacom products first.

Wacom offers a wide variety of products; We recommend the “Intuos” tablet (different ranges are depending on touch functions and accessories) for beginners and the “Intuos Pro” for better pen quality, tilt detection, and customizable function keys.

Wacom also offers an LCD graphics tablet called “Cintiq” for more demanding users, but it is extremely expensive. Consider purchasing it once you've become more proficient and confident in your job.

If you are determined to develop your skills, the mid-size “Intuos Pro” tablet will meet most of your needs. If you want to buy at a more reasonable price, the “Intuos Draw” tablet (in size S or M) is also a good choice.

Of course, there are other tablet manufacturers besides Wacom; feel free to choose the cheapest tablet on the market if you want.

In conclusion

Many beginners worry that digital drawing is too complicated or that it is too late to start now. But don't forget that there is a beginning to everything. Don't try to achieve perfection the first time. Above all, have fun and dare to take the first step into the world of digital drawing!


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