Cool drawing ideas with pencil sketch drawing

Cartoon drawing

Meaning and types of cartoons

The meaning of the cartoon

“Cartoon” comes from the English language that ‘cartoon’ refers to drawings that are drawn without emphasis on the whole reality. Which will cut out the details the cartoon was written with simple lines. By emphasizing the special features of the shape, behavior, window of people, animals, objects, etc.

Cartoons are organized into visual arts. Because it is a work of art that can be visualized Cartoons are often used in various works. Including cartoons, books, movies, billboards, etc.

Type of cartoon

Cartoons are divided into 4 categories as follows.

1. Cartoon "Single” refers to cartoons written on paper or other materials. This may be acute, beautiful, mimic, and may contain text.

2. A caricature is an image that is distorted or exaggerated. By mimicking the characteristics of those who are a model in drawing Most of them are caricatures of important people in various circles, playing important political figures, famous actors and singers.

3. Visual novels are images used in storytelling. Have realistic picture characteristics There are characteristics of light-shadow anatomy. And clear details

Cartoon drawing equipment

1. Pencil A pencil is the starting device for sketching or drawing ideas. Pencils have different weaknesses and color intensities. Which must be used to suit the job in cartoon sketch Use a pencil with a concentration of HB-2B.

2. Eraser Eraser is an important device used in conjunction with a pencil. The suitable eraser to use Should be soft. Because it will not damage the paper surface and does not cause the ink streaks to come off

3. A pen is an important device used to achieve the perfect image. There are many styles of pens. To choose according to the needs of the author, including

 3.1 Pen to draw or wait straight It is a pen that uses sharp lines. The ink is available in many colors. And can be waterproof

 3.2 felt-tip pen or magic pen It is a convenient pen. Flexible to draw Available in many colors and sizes. Some are waterproof.

 3.3 speedball pen or soldering iron pen It is a pen that must be dipped in ink before writing. Able to write lines of various sizes but gradually there are difficulties in using

4. A brush is a device used to draw a lightweight - shadow. The lines are more dynamic than the pen.

5. Ink is a device used in conjunction with a pen and brush. Preferably for black ink for cutting lines

6. Paper The paper that is suitable for writing cartoons has 2 characteristics:

6.1 Glossy paper or art paper Suitable for drawing cartoons, but not for coloring.

6.2 Matte paper Suitable for coloring Because the paper texture absorbs the color well

Drawing cartoons

The process of drawing cartoons is as follows.

1. Define the idea, starting from imagining the cartoon that you want to draw in a format

2. Determine the structure by sketching a picture to draw as an overview structure. Threads, lines, and geometric shapes or any combination of shapes.

3. Define feelings Is to convey the feelings that the author wants to appear in that cartoon to let the audience know how they feel

If asking why concept, Stanley (old boss). He said that when drawing, try not to draw. A beautiful woman A handsome man but think about the story in the picture, perhaps not the story It may be a concept or concept that involves playing techniques. Composing or playing elements

In which this is lacking in the younger sisters who like to draw most of the fan art Because the young fan art arranged beautiful elements Actually, it has a story, a concept, but the work is original, you have to think deeper than that. I'm not yet sure that you have to come in the original line. Anyone fanart can be charming if you know how to put elements, choose colors, add stories to it. That was already called a concept.

The concept makes our work look strong or have a firmness, hardness, and uniqueness in the work quite a lot Whether it is using only tools to draw or the color scheme that is often used

What is important is that you do not sway. You will need something Can highlight lines, highlight colors, or paint If you take both of them, you have to think that You're not a cartoonist but a full illustrator. Which adds a lot of other people's pictures You should also look at the concept in his picture.

The picture of Japanese people in pixie, many people, we look very flat. Especially the pictures that are ranking up, apologize to the children who liked it. Images that do not rank up, have a more beautiful depth and dimension, but sometimes the pictures in the ranking are beautiful.

Who said it was flat because it was a character when we didn't know the story or that when he only organizes the characters with only one face It may be a character lying down or posing, it doesn't have a concept behind the image? I'll give you an example of the picture below.

A concept could be a stroke, a brush, a painting technique, or a tool used. For example, someone using a Corel painter might work differently. But it's not just a tool or a tool. There must be something you want to convey in that picture as well. What is your opinion of your brother? Even the name of the picture is part of the concept.

For example, when you study architecture, the concept is very important, a resort, will we focus on making a resort that is a health resort for detox or not? This is called concept or concept.

Even if we draw a woman but if a woman has a story behind that picture is called a concept. This is important that most children in popular or crowded jobs may forget a bit. Conclude that I hope that you will get enough knowledge. For this

I will tell you the concept of new work. Even though it's a female pose but the name of the image and what is the gimmick underneath the image, it's the concept in these images. Let's see vegetable names


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