Admission Tips for Standing out from the Rest

Most students who are ready to apply for their dream colleges think about staying unique and standing out during the application process. The chances are that some of you may be taking an all-AP curriculum, and some of you may be a part of many extracurricular activities. There are also a set of people who focus on volunteering or establishing themselves in rare or unique areas. 

Although most students do not understand that the most constructive, fool-proof way of making yourself stand out is quite simple, these are certainly effective ways to stand out. It is called being yourself and projecting the best version of yourself. Take a good look at yourself and think about who you are as a person. To increase your chance of acceptance, take pride in your life, culture, experiences, and background. 

Know what makes you stand out

Identifying and see what makes you unique is not easy. You can begin by asking yourself a few questions. Below are questions that dive into who you are and what your background is like.

  • A job you had that was interesting. What was a considerable hardship that you might have faced?
  • What is your religious background? Do you find yourself as a demographic minority?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years?
  • Have you travelled outside of your state? What languages do you speak?
  • Where did you grow up? What was the kind of high school you attended? How would you describe your youth?
  • Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
  • What is an unusual family tradition? How big is your family? Are you an only child? How did this affect you growing up?
  • Do you play any instruments? If so, what are they? What extracurriculars are you involved in? Do you volunteer, and if so, where?


The first thing that you might see is that these questions don’t focus on academics. From your transcript, schools will get to know everything about you on the academic front. What they also want to know is who you are as a person. Hence it is your job to present them with your true self.

Answering these questions thoroughly and honestly will help you. What you can do next is to ask someone else to read your answers and tell you what they think is the unique thing about you. You might end up getting surprised with what they have to say. What you can do is to ask people that are an acquaintance rather than a friend. This is because your friends tend to know too much about you, thus defeating the purpose of this exercise. 

Collect their responses and recognize the exciting traits as your unique characteristics. Start talking and writing about them. Keep in mind that these are the traits that will make you stand out to colleges.

Your experiences define you


It is easy to forget that experiences molded you into who you are when you start thinking about all your qualities and traits. Your experiences make you stand out when you write college essays and take part in admissions interviews. Recognizing the experiences that got you here is essential to learning and gaining pride in who you are.

It is your responsibility to tell colleges about your characteristics and show them insightful stories and unique facts that showcase these traits to make your essays and application as effective as possible. For example, if you are an athlete, you should not just tell them that you are a great athlete. But instead, tell them a story of how your team won the State Championship. 


Understand your cultural, ethnic, and personal diversity

Diversity not only depends on how you grew up but also depended on your heritage. You have to think about where your parents were born, if it was a foreign country and what kind of things you did to celebrate festive occasions. By thinking about such questions, it lets you understand how you interact as a family and give you valuable insight into who you are.

Also, you must consider thinking about your ethnic diversity, which is just as valuable to your uniqueness as your cultural background. Whether you are Asian, African, European, or Hispanic, thinking about where your parents came from will help you figure out your diversity. You must keep in mind if you have a particular ethnic background; it is likely that you are conditioned by certain customs and practices that entail that lineage. All these wonderful and exciting tidbits should be considered as they are what make you stand out. 

Identifying your personality traits that are not molded by your heritage or ethnic background is tricky. Personal weaknesses and strengths, religious and political beliefs, and athletic and academic assets have done a lot to shape you out, as compared to everything else. These traits are also now a part of who you are and have made you into the person you are today, even though others may influence them. 


Since it is difficult to write about yourself, you must take the time to think about what makes you unique. We cannot predict the moment of realization, but it takes a considerable amount of time to understand your unique personality. Try asking yourself about the things you can offer to society or the world around you in general. Taking pride in who you are and telling an unforgettable story will come seamlessly. But only if you understand the value of your lineage and culture. This will help you paint a beautiful picture to colleges that will make it impossible for them to say no. Visit - Miles Smart Tutoring


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