What Is The Best Color For Exterior Brick Painting?

Generally, people pay no heed to exterior brick painting, but they should know that well-painted bricks of a house not only enhance its curb appeal but augment its overall market value as well. In fact, choosing chic and elegant paint colors for your home's exterior bricks can make your home look posh and sophisticated.

People also think that it is somewhat costly to maintain their home's bricks in good condition. That’s why; they prefer not to paint the brick walls and save their money. In fact, everyone has different views about brick painting.

Don’t worry; if you are thinking about changing the exterior of a house, including its bricks, the present discussion is advantageous for you. Here we are highlighting some common viewpoints about brick painting. Also, we will reveal some attractive paint colors for your home’s brick walls.

Is it Fine to Paint a Brick House?

Yes, it is perfectly alright to paint the bricks of your home. However, before choosing the paint color and paint company for this purpose, it is necessary to take The Homeowner's Association (HOA) permission for safety purposes. Usually, you can quickly get approval from HOA without any significant effort.

So, once you got the approval from HOA, the next major step is to hire professional and licensed painters for this purpose. Only the certified and expert painters choose the top-quality paint and bring precision to their work. Conversely, if you select unprofessional painters, then you can waste your valuable time and money.

Generally, it is suggested to choose masonry and stone or elastomeric paint to make your brick walls alluring and durable. The great thing about both of these paint types is that they can adhere to bricks for a longer time. Moreover, if you choose any of the mentioned paint, you don't need to cover your brick walls with a primer coat before starting the paint professionally.

You can choose any of the paint types but keep one thing in mind that painting your home's brick wall isn't a simple process. So, you need to make the final decision after considering all the aspects properly.

The Perfect Color to Paint a Brick House

No denial; it is a million-dollar question and requires proper consideration. You should choose a paint color that best compliments your house and goes great with other paint colors.

Light Green, White, Green, and Charcoal Grey are the best colors for exterior brick painting. They enhance the overall aesthetic of a home magically. But, we recommend you hire professional painters for this purpose and let them decide the most suitable paint color for your exterior bricks. Their skill-set and expertise make it easier to choose the ideal paint color that looks amazing on your home's brick walls. Indeed, they make this decision after checking the interior and exterior of a home properly.

Pros and Cons of Exterior Brick Painting

We have highlighted some significant pros and cons for you.

  • Pros of Exterior Brick Painting

One of the key benefits of exterior brick painting is that it gives a fresh and new look to your home. Choosing unique and attractive paint colors improves the aesthetic of the home and compliments it. Moreover, it is the best way to make your house look different from the other neighbor houses. Interestingly, painted brick walls are pretty trendy these days because they enhance elegance and sophistication. The dusty bricks never give a good impression, but painting them removes the dust and makes them look clean.

That’s how; your home can better grab the attention of everyone.

  • Cons of Exterior Brick Painting

There isn't any significant drawback of exterior brick painting. However, you can't remove the brick paint easily. It involves considerable time and effort to remove brick paint. Generally, it damages the bricks if you take out the brick paint unprofessionally.

Precisely, brick painting is relatively safe if you hire professional painters for this purpose.

Does Brick Painting Improve a House’s Value?

One of the best ways to make your home look enticing and chic is to paint its exterior portion. For this, it is recommended to opt for paint colors that complement each other. A well-painted home looks neat and gets the better attention of potential buyers if you want to sell it at reasonable rates. Similarly, painting dusty bricks give them a new life and attractive emergence.

So, consider the pros and cons of exterior brick painting before you make the final decision. The selection of competent painters can help you to enjoy the desired outcomes because they use the latest tools and up-to-date equipment for this purpose.

Therefore, we recommend you choose the painting company after proper research. Otherwise, you can waste your time and money.


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