The things you should know when you buy Concrete Batching plant

Which is the product, performs its role as a building block in construction. Concrete is an essential mixture use in construction projects, is fabricated in the concrete batching plant. The word batch is the quantified word, the batching plant is,  where concrete is prepared under the process of mixing measured substances or ingredients.

The Materials are used for the concrete mixture:

Concrete is the mixture and the components of the mixed concrete batching plant are cement, water, aggregates( sand, crushed stones), additive, and fly ash. These components weighed in varied proportion according to the required concrete type or quality.

The parts and accessories of the concrete batching plant:

First, the materials weighed individually, the ingredients undergo the operation of the batching plant processed through various parts, then in the mixer. The mixer is a desperately significant part of the batching plant. The mixer has five types are: Reversible drum(both types: tilt and non-tilt drum), Pan, Planetary, Single Shaft, and Twin-shaft. These types depend on the concrete requirement and utilization.

Batching method :

There are two methods of weighing concrete, volume batching which is based on volume weight, and wet batching is based on weight.

Types of the concrete batching plant :

The types of the concrete batching plants are described based on mixers and location.

Based on mixers:

  • Transit mix / dry mix batching plant

The difference between dry batching plant and wet batching plant, water not added in dry mix concrete at the operation time.

In the dry mix batching plant, the materials weigh individually according to the required proportion and transfers into the transit mixer. Water is separately weighted, then water added to the truck. The mixture mix during the transport or at the construction site and transit plant have automation.

  • Central mix / Wet mix batching plant:

In the wet batching plant all weighed materials are dispatch and mixed in centre of the plant. The all aggregates(graves, rock) cement, water and additive weighed individually and homogeneously measured in batches by the concontrol panel. The advantage is, it's much more consistencontrolsed for long term projects and wide arena. It is profitable for both, buy and sell.


  • Ready-mix concrete batching plant:

Ready-mix concrete supplies to the site through the transit mixer in both form dry mix concrete and wet mix concrete. Ready-mix concrete supplied in the plastic state. It has wide usage in the construction of buildings and bridges. It's a low-cost project.

Based on the location:

The two types are based on location;

 The Stationary Concrete Batching Plant. the word stationary tells its meaning, it can’t be transported to the construction site and huge. The contractors who want the product from a single place, the stationary batching plant work for them. It is required for large-scale and long-term projects. It produces a huge amount of concrete, up to 300 cubic meters.

Mobile batching plant:

 The mobile batching plant has an automation system, it can be transported to the construction site. This smart plant has easy handling features both manual and operator. The mixture is transferred in the truck trailer so there is no use of conveyor during the installation it takes less than one hour for installation with the low energy cost. It is suitable for short term work.

The concrete batching plant depends on these five systems:

  • The concrete mixing host :

The mixer is divided into different stirring methods and mandatory mixing. Both methods have the same purpose to mix stone and materials. Forced Agitator used for mixing of concrete, such as semi-dry, dry hardness and hardness, etc. Self-drop agitator used to stir the fluidity of concrete.

  • Material weighing system:

 Material weighing system has an impact, it determines the quality and cost of concrete. The system is divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, Powder weighing and Liquid weighing.

The material transportation system is also divided into three parts Aggregate conveyor; the belt conveyor transport the material with the automation feature, Powder conveyor; Cement, fly-ash and mineral powder. Liquid conveyor; water and liquid admixtures cancer by water pumps.

  • Material Storage System:

In the storage system, the powder stored in large steel bins( cement silos) and the aggregates placed in the open air.

  • The control system:

The control system controls the quality of materials, aggregate feeders mixing and the production of concrete.

The method of the concrete batching plant depends on the size of the project, constructions and concrete quality and production rate.


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