How to run Inspiring Blogs

When it comes to posting blogs, readers are the writer's customer base, as a lot of its existence depends on a steady readership. Unless your creative writing only serves as a personal diary, you should aim to encourage others with your most inspiring blogs. You might wonder how your words can motivate others or give them great inspiration or help in a particular area they need.

Yes, you do not have to worry about how much advertising revenue you can gather, but how much value you can provide to your valuable readers and keep them back for longer.

How do you provide value with your blog or inspire readers? This topic is so broad. However, there are seven fundamental approaches to motivating your blog to a substantial amount of readers, described as I.N.S.P.I.R.E:


First, it is not right to copy and paste what others have tried to write; even if you mismanage most sentences, think about branding and prestige.

Secondly, this won’t make your blog stand out from the vast array of copycats on the net. If you want to differentiate your blog, you have to tell your readers what other blogs cannot do. By that, you became unique and independent.

Always write what others don't. Present some unique and genuine facts.  Sure, you can get ideas by reading other blogs, but do not repeat them. Digest what they have to say about a particular issue and whatever it is in your hypothesis, solution, as long as it is your own words. Gain a reputation with a creative blog writing style in your style.


As a top female blogger or male blogger, ask yourself if the blog you are writing is remarkable for the reader or even for yourself. Is this something that several readers are dying to read and learn about, yet bookmarking?

For example, you want to do a Photoshop tutorial, the methods discussed are seen everywhere, but they are difficult to follow. In this case, you can produce an easy-to-use tutorial with a comprehensive description.

So, whenever readers come to this and want to do a Photoshop tutorial later, they will remember that your blog has a detailed, easy tutorial yet. They will make it familiar to any Photoshop beginner who is asking for such a tutorial. Noteworthy achieved.


It is recommended for you to set a target audience for your blog. This is to ensure that your entries remain within the range of select topics.

For example, if your blog is about offering to troubleshoot for common errors in computers, it would be common knowledge to input entries about the newest computer problem that is currently affecting lots of your target readers.


It bears some resemblance to being independent and original, except that it has more to do with your writing style and technique.         

To distinguish from hundreds of bloggers like yourself who are writing about the same subject, other than inputting different text and ideas, the only other way is to personalize your writing technique. You have to develop a personality for your entries.

However, humans are also creatures of habits in that they will feel instinctive when they feel continuity. Therefore, once you gain a steady base of trustworthy readers, stick to your style. You can diverge, but not too much.


A blog needs to impress people with its language, which means that it should be inspiring in its writing. This is particularly correct for opinion or discussion blogs, where their primary business is to express a meticulous point of view and adopt an exclusive stance.

It does not mean that blog entries have to convince people to adopt their ideas; the priority should be to create excitement among the people or create a discussion topic. Discuss with everyone and make the blog come alive.

If you are pushing everyone to a particular point of view in this modern and informative age, then it is very impressive. Instead, try to become prominent by stimulating your blog entries and attracting crowds, and trying to impress people.


This is particularly important for blog entries that touch on everyday issues. Since these types of entries usually pose problems, making them pertinent for the reader will create a relation between the encouraging words of your advice and the individual seeking it.

When your entry is more technical, like troubleshooting, you can still make it relatable for readers by changing the tone of your writing slightly.


When it comes to the reliability of what a top female blogger or male blogger has to say, there is nothing more valuable than the writer's skill. How can a person who has never written a blog say the virtues of a high-quality blog? Be the apex of your niche because people only desire specialist advice.

To make the blog more trustworthy, the writer must incorporate components of his experience and expertise into the topic. The writer can entice his or her expertise to influence readers and build up a level of trust in consequent entries. Next, readers will use the site as a reference point when they would like to consult on the subject.


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