How to run a business after a breakup?

Henry and I had a long relationship. Over the years, we enjoyed spending time with each other. He was doing a job and I was successfully running a business.

  One fine day, he proposed to me and wanted to marry me. I immediately said yes. We were very happy.

 Henry gave me a ring as a present. My friends also were happy. So one day, before the wedding day. His phone was off.

  I was terrified. I even went to his apartment, but he was not there. The next morning, when I was getting ready, I was about to have breakfast. My phone beeped with a WhatsApp message.

 It was Henry, he said, that he didn’t want to marry me anymore. I was shattered by his response. I phoned him but, he didn’t answer my call.

 I started to cry, I couldn’t believe him. Everyone was sad to hear that. I was in a state of denial.

  I left the breakfast, on the table. I headed out for my office. I had a bad day. I postponed all the meetings. All the people around me felt that I was sad.

 I returned home. One question was in my mind, that, “how will I manage my company”? The next days were difficult and I took sessions from a therapist. I am going to share my recovery journey:

1.Change of Routine


  I worked on myself, my eating habits were changed. I chose to eat fresh salads. I signed up for a gym.  I spent more time, making new friends. I even went to the birthday parties.

  My outfit was also revamped and I bought more professional dresses.  My subordinates started feeling a positive change in me. I even changed my hairstyle.

2.Accept the Change


   It took me a while to come out of the breakup. Initially, it wasn’t an easy process. There were flashbacks, sad and happy moments, that were playing back in my mind.

   I made up my mind to move on. I made new goals in my life. One of them was, to expand my business. Luckily, it worked out, and now, my products were sold on Amazon and eBay.

3.Social support


I met a lot of my friends, family members, neighbors. They were really helpful, in bringing back my old self. They went with me to, the beach, to give me a change, in the surroundings.

4.Book Reading


  I felt better while spending my time, at the local library. I borrowed books on building a business. It helped me to focus on my company. It improved my decision-making process. It also boosted my creativity.

 I highlighted the key points, on my dairy. I was more productive.  Soon, all my suppliers, clients, and colleagues felt, my improved mood.

5.My business performance


  When I lost interest in life, my company also suffered. My income statement was going in negative.  My energy was drained, I was upset, and I used to cry while sitting in my cabin.

 Slowly, I was reorganizing myself, to make and take control. My team and I sat for 1 hour every day, to fix the main issues on a priority basis.

 Our combined effort paid off, our sales hit new records. We soon opened up, more branches in other cities. We all decided to, acquire, a small plant, at a better price. 

 Our key indicators mainly cash flows improved over time. I decided to give bonuses to my staff, every 6 months.

 Many of my competitors also placed bids, to do the merger or acquisitions, but I refused.

 I was happy, that my team and I were reaching new heights.



  I still dream of, achieving more, in my life. Success requires more effort, believing in myself.  I opened a new subsidiary, where I meet young people, who are still studying or interested in doing a new venture.

  I give them advice on making their lives better. Many come back to me, share their success stories.  I appreciate them and tell them to never give up in their lives.



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