Best Physicians Email List Provider in USA

Reach over 946,000 physicians with completely accurate information

Physicians Database will help you get the most out of your multi-channel marketing campaigns. Boost your sales conversions and ROI by improving your company contact with targeted prospects.

One of the most reliable sources for accurate information on physicians is the opt-in physician sales leads. We have the best marketing tools and databases as a leading healthcare marketing database provider. Our verified data on physicians will also aid marketers in their business ventures and pave the way for their potential success. We also bring clients to the world of new b2b marketing by providing healthcare databases tailored to the needs of today's marketers. We also provide you with our Physicians Database frequently updated and appended contact information for physicians.

The information will help you pursue your multi-channel marketing efforts to increase brand awareness in the international market, which offers tremendous opportunities with minimal effort. In reality, our Physician Email Database ensures complete response and scope. It also makes data-driven online and offline campaigns a lot easier. As a result, you'll be able to send the right message to the right doctors and maintain successful contact, as well as increasing lead count, revenue, and campaign ROI. So, why miss out on an opportunity when we have the proper method, the physician email list, at your disposal?

Our certified Physicians Contact Database is developed to the highest quality, with a one-of-a-kind verification process, ongoing tracking, and regular updates. The Premium Physician Office-Based Database is collected from a variety of data sources, and it is reliable and comprehensive in the areas that matter most to healthcare marketers. The Physicians Mailing List is created and maintained using a one-of-a-kind verification method that guarantees data integrity and accuracy. We never add a record to our database until it has been verified at the source! Because of this, you'll be able to develop highly focused campaigns using a range of segmentation criteria.

List HighLights:

✶ Business Name
✶ Business Complete Address
✶ County Name
✶ Phone Number
✶ Fax Number (as avail.)
✶ Contact Name
✶ Contact Title & Gender
✶ Number of Employees
✶ SIC Code
✶ SIC Description
✶ NAICS Code
✶ NAICS Description
✶ NCOA Verified Addresses
✶ Updated Monthly

Key Benefits of Physicians Contact List

➤GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant mailing lists.
➤100% accuracy, plus human verification for authenticity.
➤We offer opt-in and double opt-in mailing lists.
➤Numerous customization options to suit your business needs.
➤Best-suited email list for multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Human verified Physicians Contact Database for best in class accuracy

➤Accurate & Complete Data
➤Detailed Industry & Other criteria
➤Pre-Delivery Testing
➤Cleansed Every 45 Days
➤Comprehensive Database Sourcing
➤Dedicated Account Manager

Formats & Delivery Time:

✶ Format: Mail, Phone, Email
✶ Delivery Method: ASCII, MS Excel File, CSV File
✶ Turnaround: 3-4 working days

Data Usage: This will be a one-time purchase for your unlimited and perpetual usage and you will OWN the data. These contacts are 100% Opt-in. We update our master files every 45 days. 

Guarantee: We guarantee 95% accuracy. Any bad or irrelevant data more than the agreed percentage will be replaced with fresh or unique contacts. Hard bounces and invalid contacts more than the agreed guarantee level will be replaced with NO EXTRA COST. All the contacts are GDPR and CAN-SPAM Compliant.

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