5 Best Locksmiths & Locks in Laval, QC

You would never know when an emergency knocks at your door. The horror of locking yourself outside your house, or losing your car keys just when you have to attend an important meeting or an event can send chills down your spine. 

Just when you thought that these are the only bad things that could happen, you realize that your boss had given you the responsibility to keep an important key safe and you have lost it!!!!

What would you do in such a situation? Would you freak out? Curse your luck? Or Dial the number of a Commercial Locksmith

As said earlier, emergencies come unannounced and can leave you in dismay

While the first two alternatives are going to be an obvious reaction, the last option of calling a locksmith is going to be the life-saving choice.

And when you have decided to contact a locksmith, you need someone who is reliable, skilled, and offers the services at a very reasonable price.

This is when the need to contact the best locksmith jumps in! Just in case you are someone who resides in or around Laval and finds yourself in a situation where you need the Locksmith services then this blog is for you! 

Here is the list of the top five locksmith service providers in Laval. 

This blog would make your locksmith hunt easy, the compilation has been made based on service quality and the price that these locksmiths offer. Let’s get started.

Serrurier Laval

You can trust this company when it comes to meeting any or all of your automotive, residential and commercial locksmith needs. They offer a reliable and professional locksmith Laval and surrounding areas. They deal in top-notch security systems and offer their services all around the clock. 

They have maintained their customer base with their superior service quality. You can contact them if you need car locksmith services as their services include Car key programming or replacement, car key duplication or ignition replacement.  


They are in the business since 1981 and have served thousands of customers in the Quebec and Laval region. They have maintained their market reputation through their quality service and professional assistance. Whether you are looking for electronic locks, padlock, automatic door, or commercial and residential hardware, these guys offer it all under one roof! 

They offer 24*7 emergency service to respond to your queries and send their best team of locksmiths to help you. They are very professional and offer cost-effective locksmith services. 

Serrurier Beaubien

It’s not just their website, but even their service quality that will leave you awestruck! They offer holistic locksmith services at a very competitive price. Their service quality has earned a very good market reputation for them. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial locksmiththese guys have got you covered. 

They have an expertise of 25 years and have proudly maintained their clientele. Not only this but they were also selected as the proud recipient of the 2018 consumer choice awards, held in the Montreal Region. They were bestowed with this honor in the Locksmiths- Greater Montreal Category. 

Serrurier Amherst

Been there in the business for around 40 years now and have successfully solved the ever-changing needs of the customers. They offer premium quality locksmith services and offer solutions and security systems that are equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

They have got all the required skillset and technologies to cater to all of your residential and commercial locksmith needs. They use state-of-the-art technology to offer the best solution and guarantee peace of mind. 

Serrurier Laval

Last, but not least, Serrurier Laval is one of the best locksmiths in Laval! They offer the best residential, commercial, and car locksmith services.

The company takes pride in offering the most premium and affordable locksmith services to its customers. They are 24*7 available to listen and acknowledge your needs and queries, you can call them at any hour of the day and they would be available to assist you. 

The company values its customers and offers a very professional and personalized service. You can get in touch with them if you need a locksmith. 

This was the list of the top 5 locksmiths in Laval, next time you find yourself in a situation that calls for a locksmith, you know whom to Contact! If you are looking for a car locksmith or a commercial or residential locksmith in Laval then you have the best choice listed above! 



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