10 Best Authentic Sushi Restaurant In Us

10 Best Authentic Sushi Restaurant In Us

When you're craving flawless sushi made skillfully with high-quality ingredients, only the most authentic restaurants will do. Here are 10 of the best and most authentic sushi restaurants across the United States.

Sushi Ginza Onodera - Los Angeles, CA

Regarded as one of the best sushi restaurants in the entire country, Sushi Ginza Onodera serves masterfully crafted omakase with premiere ingredients like caviar and imported Japanese seafood. The Michelin-starred chef prepares traditional Edomae sushi along with premium sake pairings. The inviting yet refined setting provides an authentic Japanese dining experience.

Nakazawa - New York City, NY

Led by world-renowned sushi chef Daisuke Nakazawa, this intimate 10-seat sushi bar in the West Village flies in the freshest seafood from Japan daily. The omakase menu features pieces like gleaming Hokkaido uni, seared Wagyu beef, and pickled mackerel. Chef Nakazawa's precise nigiri creations showcase his stellar knife skills.

Shuko - New York City, NY

With just 18 counter-seats, Shuko provides personalized omakase meals in a serene setting. The chef sources exotic seafood like fresh wasabi from Japan and real Osetra caviar. The nigiri is meticulously formed and enhanced with special sauces and garnishes. A premium sake list completes the high-end experience.

Sushi Taro - Washington, D.C.

A discrete upstairs dining room houses this revered sushi institution serving traditional edomae-style nigiri. The seasonal omakase menu features unusual offerings like Japanese snapper, monkfish liver, and live scallops. Their sushi rice is perfectly seasoned and they make their own soy sauce in-house for dipping.

Sushi Yoshizumi - San Mateo, CA

Chef Yoshizumi Craft offers an intimate 8-seat sushi counter focused on edomae tradition. His ultra-fresh seafood is imported from Tsukiji Market in Japan. The omakase highlights creative items like a salmon belly with yuzu citrus, fried shrimp heads, and live scallop sashimi. Meticulous preparation and friendly hospitality give an authentic experience.

Sushi Tatsu - Honolulu, HI

For authentic edomae sushi in paradise, visit Sushi Tatsu in Honolulu. Chef Tatsu makes nigiri with balanced sushi rice seasoned with his special blend of red vinegar. The omakase menus showcase Hawaiian fish alongside seafood imported from Japan. Their poke bowls with ultra-fresh raw fish are also a specialty.

Kata Robata - Houston, TX

This upscale restaurant crafts exquisite sushi along with tasting menus of modern Japanese cuisine. Sit at the sushi counter to watch Chef Manabu Horiuchi expertly slice silky cuts of Hokkaido uni, Bluefin tuna, and tender Wagyu beef. His nigiri balances texture and flavor brilliantly.

Naoe - Miami, FL

Widely considered Miami's finest sushi restaurant, Naoe delivers an authentic taste of Tokyo without leaving Florida. Chef Kevin Cory prepares traditional edomae-style nigiri with premium seafood flown in daily from Japan's famed Toyosu Market. The omakase experience includes artful courses like bigeye tuna with caviar and monkfish liver.

Sushi Ran - Sausalito, CA

This warm, woody space overlooking the bay helped popularize sushi in the United States back in the 1980s. Today, Sushi Ran still serves up fine sushi and sashimi platters of pristine seafood sourced from Japan. Their signature dishes include salmon carpaccio with caviar and miso black cod.

Sushi Den - Denver, CO

In Denver's lively LoHi neighborhood, Sushi Den has earned many awards for its outstanding traditional omakase. Chef Yasuhiro Hirano masterfully crafts nigiri with fish from Japan and pristine seafood from the US West Coast. Luxurious options include Wagyu beef, foie gras, and caviar. The sake list impresses as well.

From fine dining omakase experiences to excellent casual sushi joints, these restaurants provide authenticity you can taste in every perfect piece of nigiri.


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